It’s important to choose a hair removal specialist that you can trust. At Soma, our laser specialists are certified and trained with years of experience and we use only the best -The Clareon by Novils Medical got voted best Intense Pulse Light System.

Novalis’ achievements include many FDA cleared devices, awards such as “BEST IPL TECHNOLOGY FOR HAIR REMOVAL” by Aesthetic Trends Magazine, many news coverage pieces on NBC and recently made INC Magazine’s top 5000 fastest growing private companies in the USA.

Novalis Medical provides state of art technology backed by 3 patents and multiple awards.

Hair says something about a person. You style it, you play with it, you run your fingers through it — or you let someone else have that privilege. Whether it’s short, long, shaved, permed, spiked, dyed, braided or buzzed, your hair makes as much of a statement as the clothes you wear, the car you drive and the food you eat.

Getting rid of unwanted hair also can make a statement about your personality. Although women have struggled with excess and unwanted hair, men in recent years have become caught up with the activity, too. In fact, men have become so involved in hair removal that a new term — “manscaping” — has come into use.

Get 30% off a series of 6 Laser Sessions

Guest must complete all 6 sessions in order to receive discount. Discount will be applied to 5th and 6th sessions. Prices indicated below reflect pricing per session.

Female Hair Removal

Upper Lip$100
Upper Arms$200
Full Bikini Line$350
Partial Bikini Line$250
Whole Leg$650
Upper Leg & Bikini$450
Lower Legs & Knees$350

Male Hair Removal

Nape of Neck$175


Brown Spots (Sun Damage)$150+
Vascular Lesions$150+

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How much downtime is there after a treatment?

A: There are many treatments that are performed by the Clareon, but all of them require no down time. The most you will feel is a mild sunburn feeling that will last only a few hours.

Q: Is the light from the Clareon harmful to me?

A: The light output from the Clareon contains no harmful ultraviolet light and therefore is non-mutagenic. It utilizes absorption physics to thermally destroy the unwanted target and your body will replace the damaged target with new cells.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Hair removal requires a minimum of 6 treatments. Photofacials, Brown Spots and Vascular Lesions may require a minimum of 3 treatments. Hair removal and treatment options vary from person to person and is best to schedule a consultation for your skin care goals.